Synchromesh was a kind of bonkers sound lab prototype for Elite Force. The earliest Synchromesh productions date back to 1992 and act as a bridging period between the college rock of Headless Chickens and the dance-floor fire of Elite Force. The music ranges from deep and dirty lo-fi trip-hop to proto acid-breaks, to frenetic industrial jackhammer-beats.

Very little of Synchromesh material saw the light of day with just one white label EP ('EP#1') in existence limited to around 400 copies. The lead track, 'Combat Squad' was supported by The Chemical Brothers and subsequently picked up for release on the seminal big beat label, Wall of Sound, as part of their 'Dig The New Breed' compilation. A reworked version of 'Combat Squad' appeared on Fused & Bruised in 1996. Beyond a couple of remixes for Flicker Noise and Collapsed Lung the name wasn't seen again… until now.  

Look out for an album's worth of Synchromesh material as part of the  'From The Vaults' series in January 2020.

In 2019, I unearthed a bin bag full of old DAT tapes and purchased a DAT player for the express purpose of rescuing as many of these old recordings as possible. Synchromesh was one of the big surprises on there and writing these tracks coincided with a time when I suddenly had access to samplers, mixing desks (only a Mackie 16-track, but hey, it did the business!) and a cluster of quality keyboards. The music may be pretty raw and over-wrought in places but it’s also full of hidden gems and fascinating insights into my evolving musical language.
— SS