It wasn’t until 2013 that Simon released music under his own name. Wanting to make music outside of the breaks he had been known for he started a new record label called Stereophoenix with the strapline ‘Music with Heart & Soul’. The first track he wrote under said label was “Ten10”, a deep pulsing piece of tech house.

Over the next two years he produced a diverse stream of emotive house and techno that was released on his 2016 album, ‘Piece of Me’, with tracks such as "Afterglow”, “Far & Wide”, “Bet It All”, and the title track “Piece of Me”.

In addition he created the One Series, a unique series of one-off auditory expeditions taking place in spectacular, intimate surroundings. With sets anywhere from 7-9 hours and an epic story-like format he was able to immerse himself in the music and dig deeper into his talents as well as his record box.

Under this name he continues to explore a myriad of sounds without the restrictions that music for the dance floor contains.



A big driver of my passion for the One Series is the simple notion that when it comes to DJing, it’s all about the context - how moments are set up, how curves are created, it’s the peaks and the troughs, the deliberate breathers, the space to listen, to move, to engage with the sounds on a deeper level. It’s how a track is presented that makes it grow, that makes it hit home much harder than it could ever do in isolation.
— SS