pHrack R : 1996 - 1998

Phrack R was a short-lived solo alias of Simon's that ran from 1996 - 1998 and featured some of his more experimental beat-orientated work. While tempo ranges from trip hop to drum & bass, there's a fearless streak to this music that embraces a jazz sensibility in its dense and complex polyrhythms. Phrack R was the first artist to appear on the Fused & Bruised label but this alias fell by the wayside in 1998 when the label became a little more conservative, focusing on breaks rather than experimentalism.

In 2019, I unearthed a bin bag full of old DAT tapes and purchased a DAT player for the express purpose of rescuing as many of these old recordings as possible.  The music may be pretty raw and over-wrought in places but it's also full of hidden gems and fascinating insights into my evolving musical language. Look out for an album's worth of Phrack R material as part of my 'From The Vaults' series, scheduled for release on 3rd January 2020.