A collection of representative pieces from each of these aliases (many of which have never been heard before) has been compiled and remastered from the original DAT tapes and will be released in February 2020 as part of the ‘From The Vaults’ series.



Dynamo dates back to 1993/4 and could be described as relentless chuggy sludge metal-dub. Most tracks run to over 15 minutes in length and are based on furious layers of sound, violent and hypnotic.



The Resistant dates back to 1992 and featured early experiments in chilled out, dub-wise, acid-tinged bliss.



Scattyx was the first solo alias of Simon's that ever saw a vinyl release, with 'Fibrecrack/Delerium' appearing on London's Intelligence Records. Whilst those tracks are no longer available as digital masters, a whole host of unreleased techno tracks exist under the name, ranging from 130bpm to 165bpm acid techno with occasional moments of dubbed out introspection.



This was a solo alias that came into being around 2002/3 when Simon was so prolific he was in danger of competing with his own Elite Force output. He released a house single on Dylan Rhymes' Blue Black Test label (called 'mEzkal') and the following year released a breakbeat 12" on Rennie Pilgrem's TCR Records ('Triggaman').



Double Black was another solo alias of Simon’s that only saw one single released, on Lee Coombs’ Thrust imprint in 2003. The alias was also used between 2006 and 2008 as a means of remixing tracks on U&A Recordings under a different name, allowing Simon to take things into deeper progressive house territory.



Dustbowl was a collaborative project with Mark Pember (aka 'Meat Katie') that resulted in two techno-orientated EPs that were released in 2008 and 2009. The decision to record under a new name was taken as the pair felt they weren't taken seriously by the techno community. In retrospect, this seems ironic given how serious the techno community takes EVERYTHING.



Panamatic was a project-specific alias that was created for the Fused & Bruised 'LatinAmyl' project in 1997, also appearing as a remixer on the Elite Force track 'Saturnalia'.



A one-off solo alias created for the release of 'FivePointFive' on the Fused & Bruised label. Tronique's 'Dodecka' is an electro track based on dodecaphonic music - the twelve-tone scale.