One Series Press Kit

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The One Series – One DJ, One Room, All Night.

Taking music into the extraordinary - A unique series of one-off events taking place in spectacular, intimate surroundings all over the world.

The concept is a simple one ... One DJ, One Room, All Night in exceptional surroundings with jaw-dropping visuals and mind-blowing sound all combining to create a unique, fully immersive experience. A musical journey. A night with heart and soul.

With sets commonly in the 2 hour range, DJs are often unable to stretch their legs, to settle in and connect with their audience. An expert DJ is a story-teller. The One Series allows me to tell a long-form epic saga over the span of an entire evening, not merely a bulletin or a bite-sized snippet. At the center of it all is an auditory expedition. Being able to immerse myself in the music allows me to dig deeper into my talents as well as my record box.

A big driver of this passion is the simple notion that when it comes to DJing, it's all about the context - how you set up moments, how you create curves in your sets, of the peaks and the troughs, the deliberate breathers, the space to listen, to move, to engage with the sounds on a deeper level. It's how you present a track that makes it grow, that makes it hit home much harder than it could ever do in isolation. If we lose those skills, and people become disassociated with the concept of movement and context in a set, we wind up with what we're edging ever closer towards - a monochrome landscape of brick wall noise where there's no scope for growth, for exploration, for creativity.

We encourage participation at our nights, and attendees feel more like they are part of a community than at any other events we have promoted, or attended. It's electronic music with heart and soul.

We Are One.

x x  Simon