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I hope you're having a wonderful weekend my friend. I just wanted to quickly remind you that today is the last chance to pick up a highly collectible Piece of Me (not body parts or something like that - that would be weird!). There's a HUGE array of supercool STUFF right HERE ranging from CDs, T-Shirts and an amazing retrospective coffee table book we just finished crafting, right up to your own private One Series show! If you haven't yet had a look at what's on offer you only have until Midnight Sunday (UK time) [4pm West Coast Time] to do so, before glass slippers become pumpkins. Or something like that!
On pledging your support (from as little as $10) you will immediately get access to all the Piece of Me album tracks, as well as 4 remixes, 2 exclusive DJ Mixes and 11 behind-the-scenes videos. As an extra bonus there will be two additional mixes arriving to all pledgers' inboxes tomorrow along with a continuous-play version of the album in its entirety. Moreover ... you can win an entire DJ Rig (read on) ... 

Win a set of Pioneer CDJs, Mixer & CD Wallet

Anyone who has supported my music-making by grabbing any one of the packages on Pledge stands a chance of winning a truly fabulous prize. I'm giving away a set of Pioneer CDJ-1000s, DJM-500 mixer and a CD wallet jam-packed with exclusive edits and goodies (107 CDs in all with up to 10 tracks on each!).  Once you've grabbed one of the Pledge packages, drop me a line at this email address to confirm your interest in winning the grand prize.

I cannot thank you all enough for the incredible support and messages of encouragement, love and support, not only for the music itself, but for the way in which I have put this art out into the world. I feel blessed to be surrounded by such positive souls as yourselves.

All the love,