Elite Force

New Tutorial for Producer Tech

I recently did a series of tutorials for Producer Tech entitled Melodic Deep Tech House and Techno Production where I show you in detail how to create a techy but musical track all within an organic framework. In Part 1, which is nearly seven hours of streamed content alone, is a guide to the creation of all of the parts explaining the editing, effects processing, sequencing and theory. in Parts 2 and 3, which will be out in the near future, show how that is developed into an organic arrangement and how to mix it down.

This tutorial series is an epic journey through the production of a Melodic Deep Tech House/Techno track, covering every aspect of the process along the way, from initial conception to final mixdown (this course is part 1, with arranging and mixing covered in full in parts 2 and 3 respectively). Leaving no stone unturned, the producer Simon Shackleton reveals all of the sound design, audio editing, effects processing, music theory and mixing techniques, so that students receive all the knowledge required to produce professional quality music of their own.”

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