Futurecore (or fUtUrEcOrE as it was often written) was another short-lived alias of Simon's that was active between 1996 and 1998 on Fused & Bruised Recordings, focusing on the 'experimental tripped out beats' zone of the musical canon. In the early '90s, Simon was heavily influenced and inspired by the creativity going on at the likes of Mo Wax and Ninja Tune, and Futurecore was a vehicle for his own wacked-out experiments in that realm. Futurecore was the only alias of his to appear regularly on his idol John Peel's show on Radio One.


In 2019, I unearthed a bin bag full of old DAT tapes and purchased a DAT player for the express purpose of rescuing as many of these old recordings as possible.  Amongst the many pieces I've worked through was a wealth of Futurecore material which has been lovingly remastered and is set for release as part of my 'From The Vaults' series, scheduled for release in February 2020.