Virtuous Act

A lush new piece of music ... in exchange for a virtuous act

I love the connections I've built with people over the years...  from those divine Playa Sunrises to hosting a miniature festival at my Home; from the gathering of souls at the annual Boat Party, to the Strongarm Sessions through which I've made so many lifelong friends; from the feeling you get when someone plays your own new release on the dancefloor you are on, to the spectacular unity of spirit that comes from completing a 7-hour set.

There is a warmth and a soulfulness that flows through moments like those that bring people together, that feeds our souls, that is 'special' to us, and through these experiences memories are made, and friendships are built.

Recently I've been working on a lot of new music, and looking at how soulless much of the 'industry' has become when it comes to getting the music into people's lives. Physical products are rare, and their absence denies us that journey into the analogue domain to seek out an artist's work, and then own that work for ourselves. In doing so, we used to to feel a sense of commitment ... we used to feel that we had earned and invested in our artists, and we had stories to tell about 'the time we bought that album' and the journey that came with it. We still have that to an extent in the live arena, but I would like to propose a little experiment today that I am hoping as many of you as possible will join forces with me and take part in.

I would like to share a lush new piece of music with you, in return for a virtuous act. 

This could take any number of forms (and I'd encourage you to use your imagination), but here are a couple of ideas that might get you started.

  • reaching out & helping a stranger in need
  • telling someone you rarely speak to that you love them
  • speaking to an old friend you've fallen out of touch with
  • picking up a bunch of litter from your neighbourhood, and binning it

I'm sure you get the gist.

What I would then love you to do is just email me at and tell me what you did, however briefly, with My Story in the Subject Line of the email. 

I would then love to share some of those stories with people on here (anonymously). On receiving your email I will send you a deep and dubby remix of 'We All Shine On', with oceans of space for soulful slabs of reverb, dizzy delays and super subsonic bass throbs. I will also send you a secret streaming link to 3 tracks from my forthcoming album, which I would love to hear your thoughts on.

All the love ... Simon