BloodMoon goes Viral ...

I posted this composite image of the Blood Moon on Facebook, this time yesterday. It's had over 4.2 million views in 24 hours. The story of shooting it is featured below ... 

I spent five hours out in the fields near where I live in Kent (UK) last night watching and photographing the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse. I've never done anything like that photographically before, and have to rely on just a 300mm zoom for the moon shots was a challenge ... one of the most beautiful aspects of the night was how STUNNING the stars became as the moon fully eclipsed, under super-clear skies.

This photo is comped together using a single shot of the local skies & stars (orange ambient glow is from the city of Ashford, some 14 miles from this spot) and then carefully selected shots I took of the moon itself last night.

Enjoy :)