The Blind are leading the Blind

The Blind are leading the Blind

The music industry would be so much better if it wasn't an 'industry' at all - if it valued uniqueness over commerce, over seasonal treadmills, over haircuts & handshakes, backhanders & bores. It feels like the world of electronic music is stuck in a rut of it's own making, with franchises and corporate management draining any 'art' from the art. The blind leading the blind.

The best things in life are not things

The best things in life are not things

For the longest time as a DJ, my Technics 1210s were my life. I can't recall playing in a club anywhere in the world in the 1990s and early 2000s that didn't own a handful of these beautiful design classics.  They shadowed my every move. They were ubiquitous with DJ'ing.

If happiness is currency, how wealthy are you?

If happiness was currency, how wealthy would you be? Is happiness simply an appreciation and awareness of moments, however fleeting, when you are happy? Have you ever strived with every sinew of your being to achieve a goal, achieved it with flying colours, and then felt a deathly sense of anti-climax, a hollowness? The Holy Grail of success, achievement, attained ... and yet the one thing you no doubt craved more than the achievement itself was the happiness that would surely come as a by-product of achieving it. What if the pursuit - and attainment - of our goals fail to bring us a sense of sustained satisfaction?

It was almost a year ago now that I wrote a post on this website talking about how success is rarely measured in terms of happiness. I proudly stated that I was setting out on a new path, to re-align my creative goals, to be true to myself creatively, personally, and to make music and art that was closer to my heart than anything that had gone before. Well, I'm extremely proud to have done that with a body of work in the recently completed 'Piece of Me' album (out in a few months), and also to have stepped out of the shadows and firmly declared myself a photographer with an ever increasing body of work.

What you don't see behind the scenes, are the questions, the fear, the turmoil, the self-doubt, and above all the financial hardship that comes with taking bold and courageous steps. What you will most likely see though is the immense pride, contentment and sheer joy that will shine through from the personal realisation that I have achieved part one of this most challenging of journeys. The next steps are to share this with the world, whilst beginning work on a live audio-visual show ... something I have dreamed about for many years, and something that will become a reality.

Too often in life we accept the status quo, and become so obsessed with holding onto its coat tails, that our lives slip by almost unnoticed.

<I  n  e  r  t  i  a> 

But what ever happened to those long term goals, those secret desires? Perhaps the currency we should be seeking, is happiness ... because whilst I've never has so little financially as I now have, I have never felt more fulfilled.