DJ Mix

DJ MIX : Decoded Magazine presents Simon Shackleton

I recently put together a one-hour mix for the lovely people at Decoded Magazine. The mix accompanies an in-depth interview piece in which we cover many bases, from the deep past, to the shiny future. Have a listen to it on this Soundcloud Link (where you can also download it) or listen via the stream below. There's also a full tracklisting over at Decoded.

Even though we live in a fast-food era where people have become used to cherry-picking individual tracks, there’s a very real need for electronic artists to paint with broader brushstrokes, and to step away from the formula of the dancefloor single.

Live at DISTRIKT, Burning Man 2016

The dust blew in hard. Relentless. All Burn long. Destroyed pretty much everything. Beautiful it was.
There was true love, crushing loss, epiphany, change.

We were challenged, confronted, baffled, amused.

It threw us curveballs, softballs, thrashed our weary minds to the point of burnout.

In the middle of this Carnival of Chaos, were the twin techno towers of DISTRIKT, letting fly with winning smiles, throbbing bass, passionate hugs, rainbow tears and a sense of unity through the beauty of the beat.

We wore black. And we fucking rocked.