Chele Gutek

The Great Divide

The Great Divide

We complain incessantly about 'The Establishment' when it comes to politics. We loathe the dishonesty in our politicians. We hate how career-orientated they are and how cronyism has afflicted every major party & leader since the beginning of time.

The Unveiling of an Album

I've released a number of artist albums over the years, and the unveiling of my latest creation, Piece of Me, is the culmination of an extraordinary journey for the creative soul in me.

The whole process dates back to decisions I made in 2011/12 when I slowly began to evolve my sound away from the bombastic peaktime crash and burn of my Elite Force and Zodiac Cartel days. That wasn't an era I have anything but fondness for, and some of those shows and releases were an absolute RIOT, make no mistake about it. Creatively though I was looking for something more soulful, intimate and personal, and as I've slowly let go of OBJECTIVE ONE - DANCEFLOOR FIRE I've rediscovered my range, my self-expression, and my lyricism. 

I'm not going to go into that in much detail today, I'm just going to offer up a short Mini Album Sampler for you to get a feel for the work, and point out that today is all about the aforementioned unveiling, as the album makes it's first tentative steps in the world via my PLEDGE MUSIC PAGE where you can pre-order the album and loads more (a One Series show at YOUR place anyone??).

I hope you like what I've made, and I couldn't have done any of this without the incredible dedication and hard-worker of my Manager Chele Gutek who has gone above and beyond to make this such an inspiring journey.

I look forward to sharing it with all of you.

Worldwide "Piece Of Me" Video Premiere

A big thank you to Love Is Pop for the very lovely words and for premiering my new video. Look out for the full album to drop beginning of August.

"Simon has expertly extracted the best elements of electronic music from the past thirty years and meshed them into a single, hypnotic song that worms its way into your head and sets your dopamine receptors on fire, spreading happy chemicals all over your brain, resulting in nothing short of euphoria."

The video was put together on location in Colorado by awesome film-maker, Chele Gutek.