The Great Divide

There was an inspiring Facebook comment a week back by Chris Renwick that went viral, with over 15,000 shares to date. He asked a fundamental question of our attitude to politicians that I've not seen any real answer to. Here's my take on it.

We complain incessantly about 'The Establishment' when it comes to politics. We loathe the dishonesty in our politicians. We hate how career-orientated they are and how cronyism has afflicted every major party & leader since the beginning of time. Fast-forward the present day and along comes someone like Jeremy Corbyn who is honest, forthright, direct ... a man of the people in the same mould as Bernie Sanders in the US. Our instinct is to call him 'unelectable', presumably because he is *not* the establishment that we so much revile. This I find baffling.

It has, however, been truly heartening to note the gradual silencing of the guffaws from 'The Establishment', as Cruella de Vil's (Mrs. May of course) triumphalism and misplaced self-confidence has turned to rabbit-in-the-headlights panic as the nation realises en masse that she is no more 'Strong and Stable' than a mobile home in an EF5. Her balsa-wood strength and cowardice in ducking the simplest public debates is a red-flag warning that she will heighten the divide between Rich and Poor, between Remainers and Brexiters, between the Haves and Have Nots.

When Chele Gutek & I put our composite piece together 'The Great Divide' we were exploring this exact same theme. The image itself (showcased below) was created from a total of 21 different photoshoots and then composited into one singular image. As the world sits on the brink of chaos thanks to the bonkers idiocy of Donald Trump, the narcissistic nightmare incarnate, it is the UK's turn to make a stark choice. Do we want to live in a country where we are THERE FOR EACH OTHER (as seen so beautifully in the aftermath of the tragic recent terrorist outrages), or one where we are IN IT FOR OURSELVES. 

Make your voice heard on 8th June.


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