The Lush Lake, Oregon [2015]

THE SHOT : The Lush Lake, Oregon [2015]

THE STORY : I was on an awesome road trip with my partner Chele Gutek. We'd decided to drive from San Francisco to Seattle and take in the jaw-dropping scenery that Northern California, Oregon and Washington State have to offer ... and it blew us clean away.

As the sky began to melt into a myriad of mellow purples and blues, we pulled off the highway and ran down to the shores of Agency Lake. It was a bitingly cold afternoon with a strong breeze blowing, but the rewards were in the astonishing beauty that unfolded before our eyes.

THE SHOT : I forget exactly what the camera setting were on this one, but I was using a Neutral Density filter to stop most of the light getting into the camera, which allowed for 30 second exposures, and with it the sky melted together into a painter's dream.


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