A Storm for the Books

On Sunday night a massive electrical / thunder storm hit the South Eastern chunk of the UK. I'd been watching it build for a while over Northern France but had resigned myself to it doing its usual 'thing' and skirting to the West or East of us. My good friend Craig Whitaker messaged me as I was on my way to bed to say it was set for a direct hit ... so I packed my camera gear and headed out towards Hythe with Chele Gutek to see what we could capture.

The storm was the size of Wales at one point and was sending out over 600 lightning strikes per minute. As we arrived at Hythe beach it was moving in rapidly with lightning intensifying. We set up tripods just outside of the car and grabbed a few early shots of the impending lightshow before retreating to the inside of the car and shooting from there. Here are a few of my captures from the night, one of which was used on the following day's BBC News.