A heartfelt thank you from the Captain

Well. That was something, right?

BOAT PARTY LIVESTREAM (1-Hour via Facebook)

I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came and rammed the Boat with massive smiles, (tidal) waves of energy, passion and love. The sense of unity & spirit was overwhelming and a great reminder of how the most important things in life, are not things at all. They are experiences. Shared experiences.

I don't play all that often in the UK these days, but when I do, I try to go above & beyond to make it special, spectacular. With that in mind, I am bringing The One Series (where I play an all-night set) to Manchester along with some incredible projection mapping from Meat Cassette on Saturday 3rd December. This will most likely be my only other UK show this year.

I realise it's a long way out, but I would urge you to come along ... make a road trip of it ... seek out one of those keynote experiences, and reunite with this beautiful network of souls. Capacity is very limited, and we only have a very limited number of advance tickets for this one.


SKIDDLE TICKET LINK : http://bit.ly/oneseriesmanchester

Once again thank you ALL. What we make, is special. 
So fucking special.