Love me like a Dragonfly

peace of mind, a piece of me

rolling on viciously

firefly pass me by

love me like a dragonfly

let me live

let me be

meet you by the wishing tree

take my hand

sing to me

your bittersweet symphony

shadow hills, shadow falls,

painted on the bedroom walls

a skeleton of light so soon

ushers in the silver moon

see beauty in the fire, in the flame

try to tame, try to reign me in

from spreading ever higher


face engraved upon my soul,

inner heat consume me whole

branded with a burning heart

that crumbles when we’re far apart

like sparks dancing in the night

red stars in the morning light

let it grow

let it spire

haunt me like a funeral pyre

see beauty in the fire, in the flame

on the road again

fever of the white lines, ignoring all the caution signs

aimlessly, endlessly

always be a part of me

powerlines against the sky

the dark eternal you & I

red, blue, pink & gold

rusting like forgotten souls