Influences - can they be defined?

When we talk about 'influences' they're sometimes hard to define. I used to rather glibly answer that I was influenced by everything I heard (for better or worse!), and to an extent that's true ... but on my latest recordings, I began to actually examine these influences a little more and recently have enjoyed luxuriating in them. In fact I'm in the process of putting together a Spotify playlist that showcases some of the 'Pieces' that no doubt led me to these tracks.

This week saw the unveiling of the third track, 'Soothe' from the 'Piece of Me' album, and I wonder what influences you can hear in it?

For me there are echoes of Bon Iver, Massive Attack, Gui Boratto, Pink Floyd, Spiritualized, Renegade Soundwave, The Beatles even.

What do YOU hear? I'd be very interested to hear your perspectives :)