The City of Angels beckons

It was 19 years ago that I first set foot in the City of Angels, wide-eyed and righteously baffled, stepping off a long-haul flight from the UK.

On that trip I played one of my first DJ sets in the US at the legendary Viper Rooms on Sunset with it's uber-sleazy velvet-rope culture and chain-snorting celebs clustered in dark corners, wild eyed and edgy. At the time, electronic DJ culture was far from the mainstream McEDM Superbowl-friendly twoddle of today .. it was viewed as a curious import, a niche obscure subculture appropriated by a combination of B-Boys, Dayglo ravers, chinstrokers, and businessmen who'd taken a wrong turn and wound up in a noisy neon hellpit.

In the past 19 years, there hasn't been a single year when I haven't made at least one stop in LA to spin my musical wares, until 2015 ... and I realised I really missed it's crazy juxtapositions and stupid charm. I've bought my One Series Show there twice now, and in just over two weeks time I'll be back, on May 20th to deliver what I see as my surrogate Playa Sunrise mix for 2016, as I won't be making my annual pilgrimage to Burning Man. The venue for this all-night extravaganza, is a lovely downtown warehouse space. 

It's going to be a truly special night - I hope you can join me there to celebrate 'One Playa Sunrise'