Leaps of Faith and Landmarks

When I began hosting my Boat Parties in London back in 2010 they were such an unknown quantity. As with many decisions I've made over the years, it took courage and a little leap of faith. But I'm sure glad I did.

I'd become so used to spending my life in darkened rooms in the dead of night that I had no feel for how my music would *feel* in the daytime, on a beautiful little boat, drifting down the Thames past all those iconic landmarks. It seemed somehow ... naughty. And it was! But we sold out the party, and the following year we needed a bigger boat; and so it went until 2012 when we were maxing out with the 375 capacity Dutch Master and still packing it to the rafters.

The key to it's success over the years, frankly, has been the *awesome* mix of people who make the trip. Many of us have become lifelong friends, whilst for others it's been a genuine pilgrimage (I have friends who've traveled from Texas, from Western Canada and even from Western Australia for the weekend).

Whilst I've deliberately been extremely choosy with my DJ shows in the past couple of years and don't have the week-in-week-out visibility of some, DJ'ing never feels like a conveyor-belt job for me. I love it. It's special... and the Boat Party weekend is one of THE most special of them all.

See you there?