Simon's Tutorials at Pyramind go Live ...

A few weeks ago i took a big step into the unknown when I hosted a live tutorial / classroom session with the lovely people at Pyramind in San Francisco. It was pretty nerve-racking to take such a leap into the world of education in front of such a super-talented and inquisitive packed house, but I'm so glad I did.

It took a little time for me to find my range and relax into the session, but I enjoyed imparting some knowledge and it's something I'll happily do again in the future. During the Sessions I talk a fair bit about my early experiences in the industry and then move onto some more specific production detail featuring the tracks Waterfall and The Good Chameleon from the forthcoming album Piece of Me which you can now Pre-Order via Pledge Music.

The full Session lasts for almost two hours and is split across three videos, which are all freely available via YouTube for your viewing pleasure. There's also more detail to be found on these Pyramind Pages. Enjoy!