Serious Calm

As you walk into St. Thomas a Becket Church on Romney Marsh, there's a serious calm in the air. Originally built from plaster and lathe back around 1200, it still boasts an interior timber framework that dates back to around 1300, although the exterior was extensively rebuilt in 1912.

I've cycled past this isolated beauty many times at dawn and long since marvelled at its' superb location, raised up just a metre or so above the rest of the surrounding fields - just enough to keep it dry when the floods descend. As I chug past on my bike around dawn, the sun peers out over the horizon and bathes the Eastern face in a warm embrace. On the western fringes, the local drainage ditches send shivers of mist into the chilled morning air.

This weekend I ventured inside for the first time, and it's breathtaking. Complete, calm. Complete serenity. Isolated even from the occasional distant thrum of the combines.