Road Trippin' American Style

Across the tracks lies an aching, untapped beauty. The low peaks of Washington State mark the end of an all-too-brief chapter, cruising the highways and byways of these vast American landscapes. 

Somewhere near North Bend (aka Twin Peaks), Washington State.


This had been a classic trip, beginning with a run up the coast from San Francisco into the back of beyond. Only two hours out of the city, you are a lifetime removed ... thrust into a world of rural bliss, coastal inlets, oyster farms and vast sweeping coastal vistas. Super-charged trucks jam hard on twisting corners, whilst cormorants plunge headlong into the Pacific chill.

Sunset on Highway One.

Here, sunset digs her stilettos in deep, and lingers long after the day is done. As you sit, alone with your thoughts with the dying of the light, she continues to give, and give, with shimmering cascades of gold, orange, russet, deep & vibrant reds. Finally in a curtsey of claret, she fades into the clouds, exiting with an elegant flourish. 

Meanwhile, back on the road ... 

Northern California, in the dying of the light.

Northern California, in the dying of the light.

.... the light trails cut sabre-swathes across the thickening night as swirling mists gather on the mountain passes. It's getting colder, and freezing fog now lingers in the valleys, as eyes adjust to the gathering gloom. On the roadsides, recent snows lie about in dirtied chunks, as a thousand freight-liners plough through the autumnal air, wild-eyed drivers, high on speed & deadlines chunder down the passes at breakneck speed.

To the left lies a quick detour, to Agency Lake. The sun plays ball and peeks out, dancing across the underbelly of the sky, and bathes the lake with exuberance.

Agency Lake, Oregon.

The days and nights are blurring now, as the 1000th mile marker slips by ... Shasta Lake calls for a stop-off, with its tidemarks telling tales of 100-year droughts, whilst railway lines slip into infinity beneath the rumbling highway.

Lake Shasta

Railroad, under the highway ... 

Time expands.


Eyes burn and re-focus.

The boombox plays.

Lies silent.

Truck-stops blur.


Fast-food towns.


Neck crack.

Beige hotels & hot showers.

Bad-ass decals.


Seattle marks the return of civilisation. It's a honour to see this North Westerly outpost bathed in Californian sunshine, on an evening of staggering beauty. From the 73rd floor of the epic Skydeck, you can see Rainier, Baker and vast peninsulas in pin-prick detail, as the sun slides off into the ocean, and a sea of beauty unfolds ... 

From the Skydeck ... Seattle yawns.

Time unravels. Spun back, I'm hiking in Smith State Park. The weather's atrocious, the forecast awful. This American version of 'awful' is to be cherished as the sunlight cascades down onto a myriad shades of ochre. These sharp, bone-dry scrambles fill the lungs to burst with the joy of life, of nature, of being grounded in the dust.

Smith State Park, Oregon.

There's no time to linger. Never any time to linger. It's Washington State, then Idaho, Montana, Colorado. The endless highways, byways, dusty desert roads. No one lives out here, just the occasional ranch with monster truck chemtrails scything through the outback. 

It's a relief to know there is so much empty out there. Still.


On the bridge ... 

Somewhere in Montana (?)