On Trusting Yourself

When I first began The One Series 3 years ago now it felt like a leap into the unknown. I'd been struggling for some time with the treadmill of DJ'ing week in, week out, and more specifically I'd been falling out of love with the music that had established me. I knew something had to change, but couldn't be sure how to effect that change, so I took a calculated gamble, and I became a promoter, and decided to trust myself. I decided it was time to grow.

I took on a beautiful warehouse space in the Mission district of San Francisco, and with the help of a number of core DISTRIKT crew (Burning Man), I set about creating a night that was my own. I bought in VJ AllOfItNow and Mad Dog Madigan (and their teams) and created the perfect launchpad for my simple vision to flourish. I was nervous as hell, but I listened to my heart. I knew I was doing the right thing for me, and I knew that if it worked out, it would be a gamechanger.

That night I played from start to finish for a full 6-hours. The doors opened at 9pm, so the first couple of hours were super quiet, with just a handful of people turning up at the start to experience the full vision with me. I was nervous, scared, worried the turnout wouldn't happen, worried the music wouldn't meet people's expectations ... and then the people rolled in, and the night ended with dozens of people coming up during my last track (Beck - Blackhole) and placing bouquets of white flowers on the mixer.

It was a beautiful moment that touched me deeply, and made me realise just how important art & music is to people. 

The One Series returns to San Francisco for the 5th time this November, when I take over PublicWorks for the night on 14th November.