the most graceful orbit of space

Days of cloying clouds & faceless days had merged into one grinding winter's blur.

The dark months may be receding but it's a slow burn. The early shoots of spring are visible for those with a keen eye, but days like these are special... days where the morning is wet, dank and over-bearing, but then the weather system blows through and on the back end a huge sunshine smile erupts and the world breathes again.

A light breeze at home equates to a savage blast at the coast, and as the sunlight shards split the gloom of the studio I know I am done with the day, so I jump in the car with two of the more lively dogs living with me right now, and head straight for the majesty of Camber Sands.

I know this beach well, and I know what it's capable of giving on a day like this. The sand on the upper beach dries first and the Northern winds push it across the vast, damp, sandy expanses. The sky expands in all directions, the sand stretches in perpetuity and all around is the most graceful orbit of space. 

The dogs, wind in their ears, fly like Hover Dogs - two feet off the ground. The white in their eyes shines from distance as their back legs seem to overtake their front at times, in this most gleeful of scampers. 

I feel alive again for the first time in days.