For years now the music industry has stood there, frozen in the headlights, watching with shock & awe at their 70s business model crumble.

The big corporations haven’t changed in that time other than to put the cult of celebrity at their stillborn hearts. They’ve just shifted their focus a little with new 360 deals that give them total ownership of your ‘brand’. McMusic.

For many small labels and artists, they have responded by throwing more & more music at the wall, with far too little consideration as to whether that music is even genuinely the finished article. As the paid download figures dwindle to around about zero from the major retailers, musicians are increasingly posting identikit BUY ME NOW links on every Group, Board and Network going.

Let me tell you now … that doesn’t work. It’s just noise. It’s clutter. It’s a righteous irritant. Regardless of your intentions, it’s SPAM. So let me ask you … is that how you want to treat your potential fans? Is that what they want from you? Why not talk to them? Get to know them and they will get to know you.

I have this incredibly powerful sense that music piracy and the shift away from a culture of on-demand payment is a massive opportunity to restore that sense of family, of a common bond, of a real sense of community. 

Find your voice.