Simon Shackleton


Simon Shackleton has had an illustrious career in the music industry dating back 25 years when he left Exeter University with a Masters Degree in Classical Composition. He has collaborated in bands with Thom Yorke (Radiohead) and got started as a DJ alongside Felix Buxton (Basement Jaxx). Since then he has gone on to have a hugely successful recording and global DJ career under various artist names including Lunatic Calm, Elite Force, Zodiac Cartel and latterly under his own name.

Simon has had music featured in over 40 movies, including the likes of the Matrix, Charlie's Angels, Arlington Road, Mortal Kombat, The Crow, The Bone Collector, The Jackyll, and Spiderman 2, and his music has appeared on a wide array of TV shows from CSI and Top Gear to Football Focus and LA Doctors. He's also soundtracked several computer games including a number of bespoke works delivered to brief (and promptly!) for no fewer than 5 FIFA games, several of the Wipeout series, The Matrix and Motorstorm 1 & 2. In 2011 he co-wrote 50% of the music to the hit game Motorstorm : Apocalypse alongside Oscar-winning composer Klaus Badelt (Pirates of the Caribbean / Gladiator). Included amongst his advertising clients are BMW, Land Rover and Carling Beer, whilst his music has also been licensed to countless TV shows, including CSI, Buffy, Top Gear, Malcolm in the Middle and Misfits. He has immense experience at working in numerous electronic genres, including electronica, breakbeat, downtempo, drum & bass, techno, house, and ambient soundscapes, bringing his unique knowledge of both electronic and orchestral material into play in creating unique hybrid forms. 

As an entrepreneurial leader, he successfully navigated the music industry's transitional period from a vinyl base, through the formative years of digital content into the current era of access-dominated content provision. He was one of the earliest pioneers of direct-to-fan marketing, and along the way has won multiple awards (Beatport Award, multiple Breakspoll Awards) for his work in the field of electronic music.

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Spiderman 2 (2004) (trailer)
Catch That Kid (2004) (trailer)
Charlie's Angels (2000)
(When the girls walk out of the sea)
The Beach (2000)
The Bone Collector (1999)
Head On (1998)
The Matrix (1997)(Fight scenes)
La Femme Nikita
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997)
Arlington Road (1997)
The Jackyl (1996)
The Crow (1994)
Maybe It's Me


Misfits (Channel 4) (2012)
(When they are playing a car game)
Skins (Channel 4) (2011) 
(In the club background)
CSI Miami (several TV episodes)
Roswell (several TV episodes)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
(several TV episodes)
Malcolm in the Middle
Special Unit 2 (TV)
Lakes (TV Series)
Regis & Kathy Lee (TV Series)
Top Gear (several shows - TV)
Racing Rivals
Football Focus
Women of the Night
New York Undercover
LA Doctors
As If (several TV episodes)
Top Buzzer (Ep.106)
World Rally
Guilty II Colpevole
Charlie et ses Droles
Sky News


Motorstorm Apocalypse (2012)
(Collaborated with Klaus Badelt to create 14 bespoke pieces for the game)Drive Club (2013)
(Remixing Hybrid to brief for gameplay)
Wipeout: Fusion
The Matrix
Motorstorm (1)
(Multiple Downloadable content packs - exclusive tracks written to brief)


Carling Beer Advert (2004)
BMW Advertising Australia (2004)
Frosties Advert (1995)
Land Rover USA


“Elite Force unites the sometimes warring factions of electro house, techno, and breakbeat, like a peace keeper who values the spirit of cooperation and tolerance. He was forged in the fires of breakbeat, which has always had a habit of sucking in sounds that pass by. Elite’s sets are like a team performance, with tracks coming from all corners of the bass-driven sector, to create a vibrant hodgepodge of boundary-pushing dance music….“ [Beatport 2013]

On the decks, Simon Shackleton has been a prime mover since 1990 when he cut his teeth playing huge student nights and self-promoted acid house nights in the South West of England. Since then he has become known as one of the top technicians on a circuit that has included massive shows in Belarus, Hungary, Australia, Italy, USA, Czech Republic, Russia, India, Turkey, Spain, Japan, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and China, amongst others, as well as numerous festival slots including Burning Man, Glastonbury, Shambhala, Coachella, Kazantip, San Francisco's Love Parade, Wickerman, Breakfest, Secret Garden Party and the Glade. 

Simon Shackleton's Elite Force project began way back in 1996, debuting on his own newly founded Fused and Bruised label with a series of peerless 12s and remixes. After five successful years winning plaudits from the likes of Fatboy Slim & Jon Carter, he put Fused and Bruised on the backburner to concentrate on production work. After several years with Whole9Yards and Moonshine he became a primary artist on Adrift Recordings (formally known as Kingsize) before moving on to build his own empire under the U&A Recordings banner.

As a remixer, Simon Shackleton has always been in huge demand, with legendary re-workings for the likes of Grandmaster Flash, Groove Armada, Crystal Method, Jungle Brothers, Stereo MCs, UNKLE & Infusion all contributing to his reputation as one of the most creative and effective remixers around.

Simon's music has also been the soundtrack to many a movie, with a huge list of impressive A-list credits to his name, and has appeared on a wide array of TV shows. He's also soundtracked a number of computer games.

After releasing one of the most forward thinking albums in dance music (Revamped, 2010) to huge critical acclaim, Simon embarked on a bruising DJ schedule and continued to destroy clubs and festivals alike with his bag of bespoke edits. He enjoyed a unique first when his Revamped album was released, having all 14 tracks inside the overall Beatport top 50 (all genres) thereby holding a 35% share of dance music's most popular tracks. By the end of 2010 he enjoyed 4 of the top 10 best sellers of the year in the Beatport Breaks Chart including the #1 with M.A.D., as well as having seen SEVEN of his tracks and mixes hit the number ONE slot over the course of the year. Subsequently he has received no fewer than 10 Breakspoll Nominations, taking home the Awards for Best Producer and Best Label.

2012 saw the release of RVMPD2, an album of re-inventions, remixes, mashups and originals featuring an A-List cast, including Skrillex, Primal Scream, Adele, Deadmau5, Muse, Nero, Chemical Brothers and a host of legends from the world of electronic music, which enjoyed a sensational 250,000 global downloads. RVMPD3 was sold out before its release, which was initially on vinyl-only, at the end of 2013 following a sold out vinyl run of the highly acclaimed ‘Gamechanger’ single earlier in 2013. 

Simon Shackleton’s reputation as a pioneer has continued with the establishment of The One Series, a series of club nights founded on the simple principal that good DJs should have a chance to tell a story through their sets. The One Series features One Room, One DJ, playing All Night, and these parties in locations such as San Francisco, Burning Man, Denver, London, and Sydney have quickly become legendary, unmissable and uniquely immersive events.

For many of these longer DJ sets, Simon has begun performing under his real name Simon Shackleton. He has also written and produced close to an album’s worth of material, set for release in 2016, which is already supported by the likes of Laurent Garnier, Sasha, John Digweed, Jody Wisternoff, Nick Warren, Christian Martin and many more. With the mantra ‘Electronic Music With Heart & Soul’ this is an exciting new parallel chapter in his distinguished career.

Recent Quotes from Press and Happy Testimonials.....

"Elite Force's work maintains a dedication to quality that has somewhat depleted amongst his digital peers. For that reason alone he remains an important and unique figure within dance music and as long as he continues to push boundaries and re-write the rulebook, he will continue to be treasured for a long long time. Absolute FIRE on all tracks. Full coverage in the mag." [iDJ Interview]

"You took me far far away with every beat. Never experienced anything like this before. it was MIND BLOWING!" [from SFO008]

"This is one of the single most important, captivating and crucial mixes / album of the new decade (It’s a big and very long call, I know, we’ve got 9 years until the 20’s) not just for breaks, but for the dance music scene as a whole, it’s a signal of what is capable when you throw in innovation, experience and pure class. I have high hopes that Re:Vamped will re-invigorate a genre that many have missed." [InTheMix Magazine, AUSTRALIA]

"Any American mofos reading this, you seriously need to check out Elite Force – he is running things at the moment when it comes to bass music" [DJ Mag Miami Issue]

"That is one hell of a Dubstep track in 'Shaolin Style' !" [Core Magazine]

"MIND ABSOLUTELY BLOWN! I knew Simon Shackleton would throw down an epic set, but nothing could have prepared me for this!!! I didn't think I could dance for 6 straight hours but every time I thought of taking a break, another eargasm kept my feet moving and my sweaty face smiling! " [One Series San Francisco - SFO005]

"Whhooooaaaaaaaaa, big up's posse in effect. This is f*cking magnificent. Cheeky, dirty and just pure and simple Grade A. I really cant pick just one track that I like best, they are equally god damn amazing!!!" [EQ Magazine]

"The tracks all grab you right away with a fierce force" [Urb Magazine]

"This is an amazing project. Classic and cosmic, yeah!! Full support from Radio One!" [Annie Nightingale, Radio One]

"Oh my sweet bass speaker!!! Simon , to say it was amazing - is to say nothing. Atomic mind explosion of positive vibes and memories!!! Thank you!!!!" [SFO008]

"Thanks to Elite Force, we have entered a whole new paradigm in mashupology ... he has created a collection of numbers that sound like original compositions, such are the intricacies of his tailoring. Think less mash-up and more electronic investigation, this won't lose momentum anytime soon" [iDJ Magazine (album reviews)]

"One of the most consistently innovative and hard-working producers out there ... from dubstep to tech-funk, this electrifying bunch of ace mash-ups mixed into a coherent, genre-traversing blend is a exceptional" [DJ Magazine (album reviews)]

"The originator of the anti-genre DJ-style 'tech-funk' takes the realms of cross-genre production to another effortless high with Re:Vamped. In a nutshell, this kicks. 5/5" 
[Mixmag Reviews]

"Hands down the most powerful release at the turn of the new year. Elite Force shows that he's at the forefront of change and innovation in a branch of scenes that need a boost of adrenaline and a dash of the unique." [Knowledge Magazine]