Simon Shackleton
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Simon Shackleton's 4 Part 'Pieces' Podcast showcases deep, melodic, percussive house, techno and electronica in all its beautiful myriad of forms. Each one hour show is a meticulously curated journey into electronic music with 'heart and soul'.


PODCAST : Pieces 001

There's been a long tradition in my world of hosting radio shows that goes back to the Strongarm Sessions, which began way back in 2000 and ran for 9 years or so. 

This month I am back on the airwaves with 'Pieces', a new monthly series of one-hour broadcasts that will air on the first Thursday of every month on Proton Radio at 7-8pm (UK), 2-3pm (EST), 11am-12pm (WST). It's now available right here on my website, as well as a subscribable podcast via iTunes.

Tracklist: Pieces 001
01. Recondite - Limber [Acid Test] 
02. Kiasmos - Swept (Tale Of Us Mix) [ Erased Tapes] 
03. Dinky - Falling Angel (Matthew Styles Remix) [Visionquest] 
04. Einsauszwei - The Message [Ellie The Cat Records] 
05. Simon Shackleton - Carnival Of Souls (SS's Eyes To The Skies Remix) [Scene & Herd] 
06. Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal (George Fitzgerald Remix) [Domino] 
07. Coyu - Metavision (Original Mix) [Cocoon Recordings] 
08. Sian - Shame Cube (Oliver Huntemann Remix) [Octopus Black Label] 
09. Mattia - Surabaya [Versatile] 
10. Rene Amesz, Camilo Franco - Once And For All [ BMKLTSCH] 
11. Riva Starr - Velvet Zone [Snatch] 
12. Onur Ozman - I Am Crying (Hot Since 82 Remix) 
13. Kiko, Dave Davis Feat. Phoebe - Living In Space (Olivier Giacomotto Remix) 
14. Simon Shackleton - Piece Of Me [Scene & Herd]