PREMIERE: I am *VERY* excited to present to you the awesome stop-motion video created by Chele Gutek and myself for Far & Wide (Further & Wider) from the Piece of Me album, which has been unveiled via today. 

The video was a HUGE labour of love, described by Insomniac as "a stop-motion stroke of life-affirming joy, depicting a black-and-white Shackleton finding color in a way that brings to mind “Allegory of the Cave.”

This was a huge undertaking, and the lion’s share of credit must go to my manager and Denver-based filmmaker, Chele Gutek, for putting it all together. She effectively storyboarded the entire piece and then took a huge range of photos of me in motion—probably around 2,500 photos. Each one was then printed onto card and cut out by hand.


The photos were very carefully logged and then placed into a number of little stage sets that we built. There was sooo much creativity in that, as we had to keep it on a shoestring budget. I think the total cost of the materials was around $100, mainly from Hobby Lobby and stuff we sourced for free.

After I went back to the UK, Chele meticulously photographed the cutouts frame-by-frame and painstakingly put it all back together to fit the album track “Far & Wide (Further & Wider)". The result is a beautiful short film with a magical subtext.