When I began the One Series journey a few years ago, my goal was to bring these epic spiritual nights to many towns & cities around the globe. Where the seed's been sown, it's truly flourished. 

This, however, isn't about the big city shows ... this is about bringing the One Series closer to Home. I want to come and play for you and your friends in YOUR town - the ultimate private party in fact. If you've been transported by my Nutz Sunrise sets, or by any of the long & engaging musical journeys I've shared on my Soundcloud & have wanted to find a way to bring one of these into the heart of your community, then now is your chance. It could be anywhere in the world and is in no way limited to the areas I regularly play in. Quite the opposite in fact. So THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX and let's figure a way to make it happen.

You can find full details over on my PLEDGE PAGEor alternatively just EMAIL ME for full information. The Pledge Campaign continues until August 8th, so you have just under 4 weeks! Let's make it happen. Anything is possible.