Simon Shackleton
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PLAYLIST - Deep, Mellow & Reflective 001

Over the past few weeks I've had my nose firmly jammed up against the grindstone, and whilst no rest & no play might not be everyone's idea of utopia, it's had it's upsides.

Probably the most notable upside has been my rabid re-acquaintance with music in it's many forms. I've found myself consuming it all hours of the day, and it's been inspiring and motivating to discover (and re-discover in some cases) such a rich and varied sonic world out there. 

As you may already have gathered, my tastes have always been pretty broad and eclectic, but as I've dipped deeper into Spotify, I've started saving favourites old and new to Playlists, and I thought I'd share some of these with you. The first of these is entitled 'Deep, Mellow & Reflective 001'. It's broad, expansive, introverted, and a little melancholy. I hope you enjoy where it takes you, and if you like it, why not Follow Me on Spotify.

PLAYLIST - Deep, Mellow & Reflective 001